Chemicals and Safety

Metal smithing may not sound like a very dangerous process when you see that kinds of things that can be created through this hobby, but there are ways that people can hurt themselves if they are not following the suggested rules and guidelines. For example, some of the chemicals and cleaners are not supposed to come anywhere near your mouth because of their poisonous nature. This sounds like a very common sense and obvious thing to say but people do things without realizing what they are doing sometimes that they later look back on and say “why would I do that?”. None-the-less it is an obvious thing to say do not ingest on a product that is clearly smelling like it is pure toxic chemical. The government has created a status quo where people expect them to label every toxic product.

There are certain types of safety equipment that are a must for people who do not want to have any negative implications to their hobby of metal smithing or something else that requires jewelry tools. one of the most important types of safety equipment are respiratory masks. There are dust masks for when you are shaving dawn a piece of metal of wood and there are particulate respirators for more fine chemical exposure and other things that can be damaging to your lungs and body. There are many things that can go wrong when messing around with tools and chemicals, which is why an avid hobbyist should always have the right safety gear.