Hanging Christmas lights and the roof repairs that it creates

During Christmas time, one of the most prevalent activities in my neighborhood is hanging up lights.  I live in a neighborhood where every house hangs up a pretty elaborated lighting situation.  Hanging lights is actually quite the strenuous activity and a lot of my friends have actually gotten injured due to several different factors.  Not only that, I’m not the only one in the neighborhood that has damaged my roof to the point where I had to call on professional roofers in order to seal up my roof before the cold temperature of the holidays to infiltrate our house.  Just a couple of weeks ago, the day after Thanksgiving, the lights started to go up on the houses in my neighborhood.  It was actually a good thing that most of the lights went up when they did because the weather was so nice during and after Thanksgiving.  The weather being nice is actually on of the most important safety precautions that you can take when you are hanging Christmas lights.  The reason for this is that, the stress on your body when dealing with the cold weather can cause all sorts of issues when you do something as strenuous as hanging Christmas lights.  A few years ago, in the neighborhood, Mr. Rex, an old Vietnam vet, was hanging lights during a cold spell.  The doctors said that it could have happened to the poor guy just from being out side, but when he added hanging on a ladder and stapling lights up, Mr. Rex’s heart just couldn’t take it, and he had a heart attack and fell off the ladder.  Luckily, he ended up being fine.  Although, the doctor said that from then on, he was forbidden to hang lights for Christmas.  Mr. Rex ended up damaging the roof when he fell.  So, he had to pay a crew of professional roofers to come over and fix it in the cold.  Luckily, the roofing crew didn’t charge extra for doing all the work in the cold.  There was another time when someone from the neighborhood had to call in professional roofers to fix a roof in the cold of December.  That person was me. I decided that I wanted to make a giant star on my house’s roof.  It was a pretty elaborated set up with several hundred feet of lights in 5 different colors.  I used a new specialty product called the “nail hole be gone” system.  Basically, the system was a nail gun designed to shoot small holes into the the shingles of a house in order to hold on Christmas lights.  The nails themselves were coated with a special chemical that would transfer over to the shingles and when the nails were taken out, the chemical would fill up the holes with tar that the chemical would melt off from the shingles.  It sounded like a great idea.  After I made the star, which looked great, the chemical on the nails ended up burning through the roof.  Then the snow melted into the house.  Then I called professional roofers who were able to fix it.