I have not had to deal with carpets for a while.

One thing about trying to live in older apartments in Denver is the ability to get wood floors throughout the entire apartment.  I love having hardwood floors.  It looks better, it is easier to walk around without shoes (well, that may not be true), and it looks better.  So there, yeah, it looks better.  Anyway, I have not had to deal with any kind of carpet cleaning recently because I have had wood floors for about two years now.  It’s nice having wood floors because they look nice with just about all furniture and it really makes the property pop.  When I was looking to move into a new space, wood floors were a must and I was really excited to find out that most of the older buildings have it available.  In my new place, the floors are really old, but you can tell that the previous owners took care of them because there are not many of the large squeaky areas that you get in a lot of other buildings.  One thing that I also like is that when there is a squeaky area, it kind of gives the room a bit more character.  Yesterday was my inspection and it was great to know that there were not many properties that had been updated, but preserved the original character.  The stone and tile cleaning was done expertly to ensure that there were no chips of any kind.  It is that type of touch that really improves a property and makes sure that it is exactly what a perspective owner is looking for.

stone and tile cleaning