I Knew That I Needed Lazzara Legal

I wish I would have seen it, it was a sign but like a lot of things in life, hindsight is 20/20. The night I got my DUI, I was out with some co-workers at a happy near work and it was my turn to pay. I had to find a new credit card in my wallet and when I was looking, I came across a Lazzara LegalLazzara Legal business card and then kept on going until I found the specific credit card I was looking for. I paid the tab and pretty soon everyone was finishing their last drinks and on their way out the door, I had to use the bathroom before I left. I ended up getting in my car and driving home but I got pulled over for not signaling a left turn about a mile from my house. I never signaled at that intersection, it was a residential, four-way stop and there happened to be a police officer parked up the street. He must have been leaving a domestic dispute or noise complaint call or something because I couldn’t think of any other reason this guy would have been just hanging out here in the middle of the neighborhood. When the cop approached the car he said that he smelled alcohol on my breath and he asked me if I’d been drinking. I responded that I hadn’t been but was on my way home from dropping a few friends off who had been drinking and at one point during the evening, a pitcher of beer spilled and some got on my lap before I was able to get out of the way. It sounded like the smoothest lie I’d ever told but the cop was un-phased and he asked me to get out of the vehicle. I got out of the car and stood with my back to my car, the police officer told me that I was going to need to do a roadside sobriety test, I responded that I wouldn’t, nor was I required to do a roadside sobriety test. He began to make a threat and I interrupted him and told him that I wasn’t someone that he was going to be able to subjugate me into doing something I knew that I didn’t have to do. He told me that I was going to need a good DUI attorney after he was done with me and then he told me to stay there while he went back to his car for the breathalyzer device. I remembered the DUI lawyer firm business card in my wallet and knew then, that I’d be calling them in the very near future. The cop came back with the breathalyzer in his hand and told me that I was going to need to blow in it and again, I respectfully declined. The cop was again frustrated and again, responded with another threat of me losing my license for a year. I replied that what he said was untrue and that I actually could submit to a bloodiest instead.