Neighborhood Chem Dry does pet and urine cleaning too

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I have had Sandy, my golden retriever for almost four years now. I guess time really does fly because in those four years I don’t think I’ve washed the rug where her doggie bed stays all day and all night. Well, in fact I know I haven’t because it was the sole purpose for  me calling Neighborhood Chem Dry to come out and remedy that stinky mess. I had used that company once before when I needed to have the carpets and rugs in my basement cleaned after a flood. They did such an incredible job I knew they would be the ones I would call in the future. I wasn’t sure if they did pet and urine cleaning but after a brief call to their offices and a friendly chat with the lady who answered the phone, I learned they did in fact do pet and urine cleaning among many other services. I also signed up for them to clean the area rugs in my house as well as to do all of the upholstery cleaning that would be necessary throughout the house. It had been too long and I think the place was starting to smell like animals so the time seemed to be right. They offered me a great package deal for taking advantage of their multitude of services. Besides the fair prices and amazing selection they have a very nice staff who treats you great from the moment you start to the last carpet fiber is cleaned. Call these guys today!