Social Media Works

It was not all that long ago that the Internet, through a genius invention, was a rather blunt instrument. Over the course of a few short decades, the Internet has sharpened itself into a precise tool for coordinating different people, places, and processes. One of the most recent phenomena has been social media, which is the name for a pattern of websites, applications, and Internet processes that deal specifically with letting people communicate online about their social lives. Many businesses have seen the social media boom as an opportunity for increasing a website or a business’ online presence. In addition to search engine marketing, social media can help increase a business’ exposure to a wider audience or consumer pool. The data received from these social media sites reveal patterns about who is shopping where, and even with more specific websites that focus on written reviews, even why they shop there. This opens up greater opportunity for online marketing once the customer’s attention has been grabbed. Such opportunities include increased website design, Pay Per Click management, and improved web content. Social media is all the rave right now, and businesses are noticing direct and indirect opportunities to capitalize upon this fervor. I have even heard of people paid to use their Facebook pages or Yelp accounts to advertise for different companies. To me, this begs the question of whether or not this will undermine what originally made social media effective in the first place. But, as for now, social media appears to be an effective way of getting your business’ name out there.

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