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I am impressed with the way you tend to tell this story of how we got to sell the weed and cannabis deals. You are a person who over thinks things and I like to simplify this. Simply told, you were looking for employment and I was looking to be the person who is almost always going to get money quickly and you were able to find a place that allowed us to get money quickly. When they wanted us to interview at 8 pm on a Friday, I was a little surprised by this, but then I realized that they were probably drug dealers and that you were going to do what ever it was they wanted if you wanted to work for them and make really easy money. I am also thinking that you are always thinking about the way that we are always going to communicate. I know that there are ways that you will tell me about your life and there are ways that I want to tell you about my life. And almost always you are going to take into consideration how important it is for you to understand where I am coming from in all situations. Especially the dangerous situations that will almost always lead to the bad things that are happening in the world and in our small community. Because you are interested in crime and other things that will hopefully lead to protection, I will show you my plans. I will then sell to you some really good recreational marijuana coupons and deals.

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